About us

Go Language – Dienstleister für Firmen und Berufstätige

About us

Go Language offers services for companies and professionals who need a foreign language in their daily work. We teach business managers, and office staff that deal intensively with foreign countries and write emails; skilled workers, who need to speak with foreign colleagues or customers and personnel officers who are required to report to a foreign parent company. The range of industries, from which our customers come, is just as wide. It includes engineering companies, companies from the chemical and electrical industries and service providers in the logistics sector and many other industries.

Communication is everything!

The focus of our teaching is always on communication – i.e. your ability to talk with your business partners. In addition, you will practice listening, reading and writing capabilities. We focus our methods on your learning style, because for us the methods need to be designed to fit the learner.

Our guiding principles

Our model is based on the principles of successful learning. Our goal is that, after your class with us, you:

communicate in a foreign language, confidently and with joy, and have a better understanding of your cultural environment
achieve the agreed goals and know ways how you can improve your language skills independently after your course
achieve optimum success on the basis of individual instruction
have experienced that we make effective use of technical aids such as educational software, vocabulary, or the like, in a way that leads to successful learning
have the assurance to have been given sound advice and that we have developed a tailor-made language course for you
In dealing with our customers, suppliers and colleagues, we place emphasis on honest and straightforward communication and respectful interaction. As teachers, we continually receive training and use new research findings and new methods, in order to serve our clients in a better way.



As a service provider, we know the importance of quality control. We work in compliance with the DIN EN ISO 9001 standards and learner-centered quality in continuing education (LQW). This gives you the reassurance that we keep our promises and comply with the agreements we have made.

We take your satisfaction in our courses to heart. Therefore, we arrange regular learning objectives, check them and then ask for your feedback during your course. Using these instruments, we ensure that you get perfectly organized and effective teaching, suited to your individual needs