Intercultural and communication skills play an important role in dealing with business partners. For example, for a successful presentation to an Asian customer or for a specialist from abroad, who needs to be fluent in German, language skills alone are often not enough.

Go Language has developed seminars on intercultural training along several lines:


This workshop is about viewing your own culture from a foreign perspective, to gain a better understanding of other cultures and how participants of different nationalities can work together as a team. When team members of different nationalities work together, often difficulties occur in the flow of information and the style of communication. If you are aware of your own cultural values and those of your colleague, this facilitates your daily work immensely.

This workshop is made up of short presentations, a variety of practical exercises and it leaves room for discussion and reflection.


This seminar is aimed at German companies, who have a joint venture, together with companies from other countries or vice versa. The aim of the seminar is to create an awareness of each other’s culture and find approaches for successful collaboration. At the workshop, two coaches take over the Chair: Our specially trained Intercultural Trainer, a German native speaker, and a trainer from the country of the other company’s nationality. The main part of the workshop deals with intercultural issues. You can extend it with a language module, in which participants learn basic knowledge of the language of the new business partner.