Our Team: Highly Motivated Trainers with Years of Teaching Experience

Our trainers impress with their qualifications and experience. Our small but efficient administrative staff supports the trainers and our customers, quickly and efficiently. And most importantly, we teach with passion and conviction.

Our team consists of over 30 highly motivated trainers with university degrees or trainers who have completed vocational education. They are mostly native speakers or proficient in the foreign languages, so that they can teach them easily. In addition, they all speak good German, because especially in beginner-level lessons, this is necessary.

Experience is important to us. Our trainers all have at least three years of experience in adult education; most have been teaching for more than 10 years. After their studies or vocational training, they have also worked in non-teaching occupations, so that they can picture of some of the activities undertaken by our participants.

Our trainers are characterized by high foreign language and social skills. Thus we ensure a high level of language and effective communication in the classroom.

Continuity is also important to us. We only work with trainers who are interested in a long-term position. You, the customer, can therefore rest assured that our colleagues are available for a longer duration of a language course.